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my 2017 charlotte food bucket list

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New Year, new goals! I’m going to make 2017 a delicious year by checking things off my Charlotte food bucket list!

I started Off the Eaten Path
with the idea that eating my way through my new city would help me learn about it and explore. Four years later, I’ve gone from telling all of my friends I was moving to the beach (it’s a long story and involved my lack of ability to look at a map) to putting roots down in the Queen City; my first job out of law school blossomed into a career; I’ve made some of my best, lifelong friends; I met a cute boy at one of my favorite neighborhood bars 3 years ago and we got married this past October in the Third Ward. Charlotte is home.

Even though I can navigate my way through the roads of many names without my GPS (and no longer get confused by the Queens, Queens, Providence, Providence intersection), and have my favorite restaurants, hangouts, and know other kind of home-towny things (the shortcuts during rush hour, the bartenders’ names at our favorite spots, a season pass to the Whitewater Center), I wanted to make one of my 2017 goals to continue to explore this fine city I call home. So I came up with my 2017 Charlotte Food Bucket List; a mix of restaurants (both old and new) I’ve been dying to try, experiences I’ve looked forward to, food I want to eat. Throughout the year, I’ll include posts of the Charlotte food I’ve eaten as a make this way through my list, and I hope by December I’ll be able to look back on what a delicious year 2017 was.

So in no particular order:

(some of these are just restaurant names, some are food I want to eat, and some have little personal notes)

  1. Navigate the parking lot and eat a #6 from Le’s Sandwiches.
  2. Uptown lunch in the form of a chili dog from Vic the Chili Man.
  3. Date night at Barrington’s
  4. Waffle-wich from Fud at Salud
  5. Bang Bang Burgers (rumor is the best burgers in the QC)
  6. See what the hype is about at Yafo Kitchen
  7. Margarita flight at Comida
  8. Afternoon tea at The Ballantyne Hotel
  9. I love all doughnuts, so I can really get behind eating Stoke’s one pound doughnut
  10. Tacos from a gas station taco cart on South Boulevard
  11. NoDa’s new gem, Haberdish
  12. A little curb sitting and a burger from Brooks Sandwich House
  13. My love for the Thirsty Beaver runs deep, so Tipsy Burro has been on my list for a while
  14. Pierogis at Taste of Europe with my pierogi loving husband
  15. Oysters! (no specifics of where, and how cooked…raw, roasted, whatevs!)
  16. A trip to Waxhaw and Heritage Food and Drink
  17. A trip South of the border and Tapas 51
  18. A beer or wine pairing dinner
  19. A picnic and summer pops concert (we did this 2 years ago and it was SO fun)
  20. A pint at Free Range
  21. And a pint at Blue Blaze
  22. Block and Grinder (have been wanting to go since I moved!)
  23. Continuing my quest for the best pizza in Charlotte at Inizio
  24. More pizza and fancy pizza scissors at Stagioni
  25. And ok, one more pizza, this time by the slice at Benny Pennello’s
  26. My one undiscovered spot on Elizabeth Ave, Customshop
  27. Lunch or dinner at Living Kitchen (maybe will balance all the pizza?)
  28. A day in Davidson and the Bartender’s Choice at Kindred

What did I miss? What’s on your Charlotte food bucket list?


charlotte food bucket list

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  1. My sister lives in Charlotte. I love to visit just to eat my way through the city. Soul Gastrolounge was on my bucket list up until a few weeks ago. It did NOT disappoint. Everything we ordered was amazing. The Asian Glazed Pork Belly tacos with watermelon salsa though were the best thing I have ever eaten in my life.
    I am also a HUGE fan of the Pig Mac from Papi Queso. đŸ˜‰ I am so glad I found your blog. I have already started a list of places I want to go when I am back in town in a few weeks!!

      1. I haven’t been to RuRu’s yet but I hear it’s great and their patio is downright dreamy. We’re saving it for Spring!

    1. LOVE SOUL! My husband and I went one on of our first dates there (I used to live right down the street) and I DREAM about those pork belly tacos!

      LOVE LOVE LOVE Papi Queso too. One of my favorite things to do on a Friday is to sit outside with a beer and a grilled cheese. đŸ™‚

      I’m so happy you found my blog too! Please let me know the great places you find in CLT!

  2. If you’re still looking for pizza–500 degrees on South Blvd is amazing!! It’s a bit of a hole in the wall, bit SO GOOD, and their garlic knots are delicious!

  3. I grew up in Charlotte and visit fairly often, so I have to add a few of these to my own list! The only place I’ve been is Living Kitchen, I can definitely give a thumbs-up to that one. If you like vegan fare, I’d also recommend Fern.

    P.S. Found you from the Charlotte Agenda article đŸ™‚

    1. Hi Kelly,

      Nice to meet you!! I love Fern, but haven’t been to their new Dilworth location yet.

      Let me know where you eat the next time you visit Charlotte! I’m headed to check out your blog now!

      1. Oh and I see you live in Raleigh/Durham! I definitely need restaurant recommendations for that area!

  4. Which gas station tacos off of South blvd are you referring to? I live off of South near Archdale and I’m always looking for those little authentic taco food trucks! You can’t beat a good taco from a food truck!

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