my 2018 charlotte food bucket list

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Instead of a New Year, new you, approach, I’m opting for a New Year, new foods approach. My 2018 Charlotte Food bucket list compiles a whole new list (and a few roll overs from 2017 that I didn’t get to check off my list!) of foods to eat, drinks to drink, restaurants to visit, and experiences to have featuring the Queen City culinary scene (plus I added the reason they made the list in parenthesis). Check out my list and then let me know in the comments: what did I miss? What food, restaurants or dining experiences are on your 2018 Charlotte food bucket list?

charlotte food bucket list

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charlotte food bucket list
1. Uptown lunch in the form of a chili dog from Vic the Chili Man (I am determined to brave his line this year when I don’t have a busy morning in court).

2.  Tasty Bowl (I drive past it and it’s nondescript shopping center every time I go to the gym and people LOVE it on Yelp)

charlotte food bucket list

3.  Hello, Sailor (it is the talk of the town and getting national buzz, so it has to make the list (and I can’t wait for the tiki bar to open for summer waterside dining!)

4.  Poke (Poke is ALL THE RAGE right now on the Charlotte food scene, and I am embarrassed to admit I’ve never eaten it)

5.  Dinner and a one pound doughnut at Stoke (a roll over from last year…my friend Yvonne says Stoke is one of her faves!)

charlotte food bucket list

6.  Sushi at O-Ku (I love sushi and we’ve only been to O-Ku once. We hovered at their table at the best new restaurants party because the sushi was so good. Plus I hear rumors they have half off sushi happy hours? Someone please confirm.)

7.  Heirloom tasting menu (I’ve done this once before and I’d love to go back for a date night!)

8.  Cocktails at Dot Dot Dot (AJ and I love a good cocktail and the secret spot behind Park Road Shopping Center intrigues me)

charlotte food bucket list

9.  Aqua e Vino (a friend told me she heard “a few rumblings that it’s good” and they made Charlotte Magazine’s 50 best restaurants list)

10.  Bang Bang Burgers (also a roll over from last year)

11. Brooks Sandwich House, which I am embarassed I didn’t hit up last year (what is wrong with me?!)

12.  Red Sea (another friend rec)

charlotte food bucket list

13.  Customshop and Flourshop (I have never been to Customshop in Elizabeth and Chef Trey Wilson is opening Flourshop, a pasta restaurant this year)

14.  The Asbury (I had a small bite from there once on a Feast Food Tour. I need more!)

15.  Heritage Food and Drink (I never made the trip to Waxhaw and now they are moving to Elizabeth!)

16.  Halcyon, Flavors From the Earth (I went to lunch there on my first food blogger date with Mary, and haven’t been back since)


charlotte food

17.  Angeline’s (another friend recommendation), followed by drinks at Merchant and Trade (who doesn’t love a good rooftop?)

18.  A day in Davidson (similar to our day date in NoDa, with Kindred involved somehow of course! And also Whit’s Frozen Custard, because frozen custard)

19.  And a day in Waxhaw (what should I eat there now that Heritage is closed?)

charlotte food bucket list

20.  And maybe also a day in Cornelius (I hear Fork! is great)

21.  Corkbuzz (since our last visit they got a new menu and I love wine pairings)

22.  Haymarket (I loved The Market Place in Asheville and his Charlotte spot is scheduled to open in February or March)

charlotte food

23.  A visit to Lincoln’s Haberdashery (I drive past the sign all the time and it’s finally open!)

24.  Topgolf (not totally about food but definitely the overall experience plus it’s down the street and we still haven’t been)

25.  A pint at Catawba Brewing in Charlotte (because I love White Zombie)

charlotte food

26.  Cocktails at The Jailhouse in Belmont (whoever converted a county jail to a cocktail bar is a genius)

27.  Mexican food at Miguel’s (when I tell people I love Mexican they ask if I’ve been to Miguel’s)

28.  Take out from Las Lupitas (I hear it’s like a meat by the pound situation plus salsa and fresh tortillas to build your own tacos at home)

charlotte food bucket list

29.  A cup from Cuplux (they have a butterbeer one right now so to channel Harry Potter I’d like that)

30.  A trip to Mooresville for Ramen at Ramen Soul (I also hear Barcelona Burger is worth it too so maybe two trips to Mooresville)

charlotte food

31.  Le’s Sandwiches (another 2017 fail)

32.  Not Charlotte related but food related: two North Carolina food bucket list goals: Knife and Fork in Spruce Pine and The Chef & the Farmer in Kinston.

33. Not food or Charlotte related: more travel! We are looking forward to weekends in the mountains, our annual beach trip, a week in Michigan for my SIL’s wedding, and a trip to Iceland in June!

33. And doughnuts. Lots of doughnuts.

charlotte food


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  1. Iceland!! Yes!! And get that donut, girl! Your list just gave me so many good ideas—las lupitas sounds amazing!! Still need to try Brooks and Fork! So much to eat, so little time!

    1. We are really excited for Iceland! We are also headed to Hawaii in early 2019 to visit my sister and BIL. And I REALLY need to get to Stoke! And I know who to call to come with me to Brooks and Fork!

  2. YES to confirm O-Ku does half priced sushi during happy hour – I think it’s only Monday and Wednesdays though. It’s definitely not every happy hour! This is a killer list BTW. You’ve inspired me to create mine!

    1. Thank you! I will have to go on a Monday or Wednesday then. 🙂

      And thank you so much for the compliment! And for linking back to it on your weekender post!

  3. I would take Hello, Sailor off your list. The reviews have been awful and you pay too much for the type of food they serve. I’ve had a few friends who have been quite disappointed.

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