“Do they have a nacho car?” –Mom Clearly, this was the first questioned she asked me. My mom is a Texan, the original Chuy’s was born in Austin in 1982. Chuy’s and Tex Mex are synonymous–so you better believe I was quite excited to hear they were opening a Chuy’s in Charlotte (also, yes, the Charlotte…

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zada jane’s corner cafe

Zada Jane’s is a breakfast joint. They serve lunch and dinner too, but serve breakfast all day. I went there once for dinner right after I moved to Charlotte, and I ordered breakfast. If you’re looking for good breakfast, at any hour of the day, you need to go to Zada Jane’s. Zada Jane’s really…

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out of town: fratellos

Fratellos is a neat place—perched near the dam along the Fox River in Appleton, it’s a restaurant and brewery in an old textile mill with big picture windows, beautiful rustic brick walls, and modern art, white tablecloths and glistening wine glasses to soften the buildings industrial feel. It was our go to “fancy” place in…

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competition dining series–fire in the city

I became (slightly but actually really) obsessed with Food Network in college. It was like something went off and I no longer found cooking shows boring but actually interesting, intruiging, and drool inducing. I got in the habit of DVR’ing some of my favorite chefs’ cooking shows and turning them on in the background when…

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snapshots august


A lot has been going on here recently–a week at the beach, celebrating a good friend’s upcoming nuptials and some fun foodie events! 1. I was invited to check out Chuy’s special menu in honor of the 26th Annual Green Chile Festival. I had so much fun at the tasting, and the food was unique,…

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