the punch room

the punch room

Y’all, The Punch Room is on fleek. (On fleek is a phrase that the cool kids are using nowadays that means on point, very good, perfect. Just trying to keep this blog relevant with the cool kids). I was pleased to be invited to check out this new space for several reasons. 1. The Punch…

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sunday supper | simple guacamole

I love Mexican food. And nothing makes Mexican food better than it already is than fresh guacamole. I’ve never been a fan of the pre made version of my favorite dip. Truly nothing can beat the flavor of a fresh avocado. Plus, making fresh guac is so easy there’s no need to buy the packaged stuff.

snapshots 3.13

snapshots 3.13.15

Happy, happy Friday!!! This week has just. dragged. on. forever. I’ve been thinking it was Friday since Tuesday, so I’m thrilled it’s finally almost the weekend. My weekend will be a healthy mix of fun and relaxation (some beers in honor of St. Paddy’s day and a brunch on Sunday to send a coworker off to California) and…

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snapshots 2.27

snapshots 2.27.15

I was the lucky beneficiary of ANOTHER snow day this week. I truly do love my job, but I think we can all agree that a day at home in our PJs is never a bad thing. Charlotte was supposed to get SLAMMED with snow (up to 10 inches I think) and they measured it…

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new orleans style mussels e2 emeril's eatery

e2 emeril’s eatery

A few weeks ago was the first chance I got to sit and enjoy a full meal at e2 Emeril’s Eatery. My first time to e2 was last Spring when I dragged AJ to the ballet and we stopped in to e2 for cocktails and appetizers. We had a great time sitting at the bar and…

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chai latte sunflour baking company

sunflour baking company

One of my biggest regrets is not discovering Sunflour Baking Company sooner. Located in the heart of Elizabeth, it’s a few blocks shy of my old apartment in Plaza Midwood. Unfortunately for me, I didn’t set foot sunny shop until two months before I moved (I had lived there for two years, yes I’m a…

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lost river chili

sunday supper | lost river chili

A major benefit to moving South is Charlotte’s inability to handle winter weather. I am no winter weather expert (snow cripples the DC region just as much as it does Charlotte and Atlanta), but I did spend seven VERY LONG winters in Wisconsin. I’m not going to get all “walking uphill, both ways, barefoot, in…

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snapshots 2.21.15 off the eaten path

snapshots 2.20.15

Did you know that National Margarita Day exists? Well,  I hope you’re as thrilled about this news as I am. I had no idea National Margarita Day was a holiday, nor did I assume that it would be celebrated annually in February. But it’s true. There’s a whole website dedicated to this holiday. I found…

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wine on the sunset terrace at the grove park inn

the grove park inn

Lesley and I wrapped up our lovely lady weekend in Asheville in the classiest of ways: with a spa day followed by wine, dinner and mountain views at The Grove Park Inn. The Grove Park Inn is a healthy mix of luxury and history; the perfect spot for a history nerd like me to treat…

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