unknown brewing raspberry sour

the unknown brewing co.

I never thought my visit to a brewery would end with a big pie fight in the parking lot.

But then again, I had never formally met Brad, the brewer and driving force behind The Unknown Brewing Co.

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I needed a large glass of wine and a delicious meal to bounce back from the Packers loss to Seattle on Sunday. They. Blew. It. It truly could be worse. I could be a Bears’ fan. After I mournfully hung my Reggie White jersey back in the closet until next fall, I hopped in the…

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#sundaysupper { aunt julie’s pepperoni bread }

Happy Game Day! You betcha I’ll be cheering for the Packers today in the NFC Championship. Finger crossed Aaron Rodgers’ calf holds out for 60 minutes this afternoon and our defense shows up to play today to shut down Russell Wilson and the Seahawks (confession: I also love Russell Wilson because he’s a badger). While we…

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class pass yoga one charlotte

on the side: classpass

I grew up exercising. It started with ballet class and swimming lessons, and through my childhood I played soccer (I truly hated soccer), basketball, danced, and swam competitively. My love of swimming carried over through high school and college, where I was a varsity swimmer at Lawrence University for four years. When I swam, I never…

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crock pot buffalo turkey meatballs

#sundaysupper { crock pot buffalo turkey meatballs }

A few months ago I was perusing the internet for a quick, easy mid-week dinner. I stumbled across a recipe for buffalo chicken meatballs that looked so easy and so delicious I had to try it. The recipe boasted the same flavors as buffalo wings (which I LOVE), but a little bit healthier and with way…

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nan and byron's scallops

nan and byron’s

Grant Wood’s inspiration for his painting, American Gothic, came from a farm house in Iowa and “the kind of people I fancied should live in that house.”  In turn, Wood’s painting and Wood’s somber looking models, inspired South End’s farmhouse chic establishment, Nan and Byron’s.  Serving up elevated comfort food, the rustic, warm restaurant was anything but somber…

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roasted brussels sprouts

#sundaysupper { roasted brussels sprouts }

I didn’t eat a Brussels sprout until I was 23 years old. A law school friend gave me my first taste of Brussels sprouts; we picked some up at the Madison Farmers Market and roasted them at home with some salt and pepper. It was in that moment I learned that Brussels sprouts aren’t disgusting…

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bluth wedding after the queen city brewers festival

queen city brewers festival

We had a blast last year at the Queen City Brewers Festival. So much fun that I already bought our tickets for the annual event coming up January 31 (I bought them the day they went on sale in December).  Two tasting sessions lasting for 3 hours each. 10+ breweries participating. Unlimited tasting. A recipe for a…

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