snapshots #WeLoveCLT

Wednesday was a great day.


Last week, I volunteered to take over #WeLoveCLT’s Instagram (if you don’t know what #WeLoveCLT is, you should learn about it because it’s a really cool thing. It’s an initiative with the goal to support and bring together a community of cool people. They have a speaker series and a daily email. It’s awesome). I had big plans to show the Internet my cats, where I work, and my favorite yoga studio in Charlotte. I was going to bully my friends into a mid-week happy hour to show the Internet I had friends and a social life, and then cap the day off with some photos of food at the annual Taste of the Nation.

Unfortunately, I never made it to yoga. But I did shake hands with the president.

We started the day with some coffee and window gazing. I caught up on my daily Charlotte emails (really digging Charlotte Agenda as of late, and of course, #WeLoveCLT’s daily Have You Met email) and got the weather forecast from Larry Sprinkle (rain. gross).


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sycamore brewing charlotte beer

my favorite charlotte beers

For all you #CLTbeer lovers out there, make it through this post and there’s a beer box giveaway at the end. I’m giving away Charlotte beer so keep reading. Charlotte is booming with breweries. You know that unless you live under a rock. What I love about each of Charlotte’s breweries is that they bring…

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snapshots 4.12.15

I’ve been meaning to do a photo recap post for a while but life happens. It’s been busy. I’ve been go, go, go, all the time. In the midst of the go, go, go, I’ve been playing with some panoramics. So I’m doing something a little different this week and sharing life lately with a…

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beef brisket bolognese

sunday supper | beef brisket bolognese

We’ve slammed the pedal to the metal in Charlotte and are speeding right into Spring (fingers crossed with no looking back). We started sleeping with the windows open and waking up to the sounds of birds chirping. We’ve enjoyed sunny afternoons spent sipping beer on patios under Carolina blue skies. Everything is in bloom and…

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midwood smokehouse restroom

sit or squat: charlotte restroom reviews

I started Off the Eaten Path almost two years ago as a creative outlet and a space to chronicle my adventures in my new city. What better way to explore a new place other than eating, right? And while Off the Eaten Path still centers around Charlotte food and restaurants, with my two year blogiversary…

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dessert evoke

evoke at le meridien charlotte

Le Meridien Charlotte knows how to throw a good party. (photo courtesy of Le Meridien Charlotte. I don’t even like the way I look in this photo but wanted to share it because it shows how good of a grand opening party Le Meridien throws). After the collected our coats, we (my friend Emily is…

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corolla wild horses outer banks guide

hidden gems: outer banks travel guide

We’re beach bound this week!!! The Outer Banks is one of my favorite places to visit (here are some tips, and here, here, and here too!) and I jumped at the opportunity to share some of my favorite spots in an Outer Banks Travel Guide as part of Feast and West’s Hidden Gems series. Don’t…

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the punch room

the punch room

Y’all, The Punch Room is on fleek. (On fleek is a phrase that the cool kids are using nowadays that means on point, very good, perfect. Just trying to keep this blog relevant with the cool kids). I was pleased to be invited to check out this new space for several reasons. 1. The Punch…

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sunday supper | simple guacamole

I love Mexican food. And nothing makes Mexican food better than it already is than fresh guacamole. I’ve never been a fan of the pre made version of my favorite dip. Truly nothing can beat the flavor of a fresh avocado. Plus, making fresh guac is so easy there’s no need to buy the packaged stuff.

snapshots 3.13

snapshots 3.13.15

Happy, happy Friday!!! This week has just. dragged. on. forever. I’ve been thinking it was Friday since Tuesday, so I’m thrilled it’s finally almost the weekend. My weekend will be a healthy mix of fun and relaxation (some beers in honor of St. Paddy’s day and a brunch on Sunday to send a coworker off to California) and…

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