snapshots 2.27

snapshots 2.27.15

I was the lucky beneficiary of ANOTHER snow day this week. I truly do love my job, but I think we can all agree that a day at home in our PJs is never a bad thing. Charlotte was supposed to get SLAMMED with snow (up to 10 inches I think) and they measured it at the airport and we got 1.8 inches. Snow disappointing.

All the hype reminded me of this SNL skit from last year, “I will never forget when I saw those first white flakes of devil’s dandruff.”

I spent yesterday catching up on emails and blogging (and Internet surfing), catching up on DVR (if anyone would like to discuss who will win The Bachelor, I’m up for a discussion), poking around my kitchen (yesterday’s efforts produced a brisket bolognese that I will share soon. Snow days are perfect for recipes that need hours of simmering, like mom’s chili, which I made last week) and I went to my first AIR Aerial Fitness Class (which Laura highly recommended).

Here’s what else has been going on.

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new orleans style mussels e2 emeril's eatery

e2 emeril’s eatery

A few weeks ago was the first chance I got to sit and enjoy a full meal at e2 Emeril’s Eatery. My first time to e2 was last Spring when I dragged AJ to the ballet and we stopped in to e2 for cocktails and appetizers. We had a great time sitting at the bar and…

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chai latte sunflour baking company

sunflour baking company

One of my biggest regrets is not discovering Sunflour Baking Company sooner. Located in the heart of Elizabeth, it’s a few blocks shy of my old apartment in Plaza Midwood. Unfortunately for me, I didn’t set foot sunny shop until two months before I moved (I had lived there for two years, yes I’m a…

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lost river chili

sunday supper | lost river chili

A major benefit to moving South is Charlotte’s inability to handle winter weather. I am no winter weather expert (snow cripples the DC region just as much as it does Charlotte and Atlanta), but I did spend seven VERY LONG winters in Wisconsin. I’m not going to get all “walking uphill, both ways, barefoot, in…

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snapshots 2.21.15 off the eaten path

snapshots 2.20.15

Did you know that National Margarita Day exists? Well,  I hope you’re as thrilled about this news as I am. I had no idea National Margarita Day was a holiday, nor did I assume that it would be celebrated annually in February. But it’s true. There’s a whole website dedicated to this holiday. I found…

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wine on the sunset terrace at the grove park inn

the grove park inn

Lesley and I wrapped up our lovely lady weekend in Asheville in the classiest of ways: with a spa day followed by wine, dinner and mountain views at The Grove Park Inn. The Grove Park Inn is a healthy mix of luxury and history; the perfect spot for a history nerd like me to treat…

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snapshots 2.16.15 off the eaten path

snapshots 2.16.15

It’s been pretty quiet in my little spot on the Internet lately.  We did chat in January about a few things like restaurant week, football foods, a fall trip to Asheville, and things to do in Charlotte in the New Year. Sorry I left you all hanging after our visit to Unknown Brewing, but life…

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unknown brewing raspberry sour

the unknown brewing co.

I never thought my visit to a brewery would end with a big pie fight in the parking lot. But then again, I had never formally met Brad, the brewer and driving force behind The Unknown Brewing Co.



I needed a large glass of wine and a delicious meal to bounce back from the Packers loss to Seattle on Sunday. They. Blew. It. It truly could be worse. I could be a Bears’ fan. After I mournfully hung my Reggie White jersey back in the closet until next fall, I hopped in the…

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aunt julie's pepperoni bread

#sundaysupper { aunt julie’s pepperoni bread }

Happy Game Day! You betcha I’ll be cheering for the Packers today in the NFC Championship. Finger crossed Aaron Rodgers’ calf holds out for 60 minutes this afternoon and our defense shows up to play today to shut down Russell Wilson and the Seahawks (confession: I also love Russell Wilson because he’s a badger). While we…

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class pass yoga one charlotte

on the side: classpass

I grew up exercising. It started with ballet class and swimming lessons, and through my childhood I played soccer (I truly hated soccer), basketball, danced, and swam competitively. My love of swimming carried over through high school and college, where I was a varsity swimmer at Lawrence University for four years. When I swam, I never…

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