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My weekend was super fun, but it was crazy! I was in Wisconsin for two weddings (congratulations to my cousin and his wife and my law school friend and his wife too!). It was great to see all of my family and friends, but that left me spinning most of Monday playing catch up. Now here we are on Tuesday…I promise a Charlotte restaurant to y’all tomorrow!

Bombay Talkie was a stop on a weekend visit to New York. After a leisurely day of bagels, shopping, a visit to Washington Square Park, and walk down the Hudson,  we were hungry and hustled to Chelsea to meet some friends for dinner at Bombay Talkie.


(some Bucky Badger tulips in Washington Square Park…On Wisconsin!)

Bombay Talkie is nestled in a rather non-descript block of storefronts on 9th avenue. While the outside looks rather unassuming, the inside is smartly decorated with bright colors, modern decor and paintings of Bollywood stars. We found our friends in the back at the bar, waiting for our table (the restaurant was packed, and while we had a reservation, our table wasn’t quite ready). The bar was really cool: sleek with neon LCD back lighting and a looping Bollywood film. We ordered some drinks while we waited: a Taj and a Chandrasena for me. I decided to go all out and order off the the specialty cocktail menu, and it was worth it! The Chandrasena (or as the menu says, “India’s Shakespeare”) was delightful and refreshing: a mix of mango puree, pineapple juice and vodka. It definitely hit the spot after a long day of wandering around the city and a quick jog up to the restaurant. We were drinking and chatting and our table was ready within 10 minutes (it was super, super loud downstairs, which was one the only downsides of our  experience, the other was that for a bit, it seemed the restaurant forgot about our reservation). Once our table was ready, we headed upstairs for our meal.

The upstairs area was much quieter and more mellow, and was the perfect change from the chaos below (we no longer had to yell back and forth and I could understand the conversation). We decided to share a bunch of appetizers and main dishes in order to try a variety of things. Bombay Talkie serves very straightforward Indian food, no muss no fuss. I really liked that; as someone who is not a connnoseiur of Indian cuisine, I was able to sift through the menu with ease and pick out what I wanted to eat. We settled on several appetizers and mains, ordered some wine and then waited for the food to come.

On to the food, it was well spiced, well seasoned and absolutely delicious! We had: Kathi rolls (Indian wraps served with a spicey chutney, we got both the chicken and vegetarian), spiced potato dosas (rice and lentil crepes stuffed with potatos with tomato and green coconut chutney), chicken tikka masala, chicken biryani,

palaak paneer (spinach and cheese),

and tons of naan, cheese naan, and some more chutney (we went with the tomato mango). Every with was so great, I could not stop eating and promptly went into a food coma after our meal. The highlights for me were the dosa (the crepe was perfect, light and tasty), the chicken tikka masala (I wanted to drink the sauce, and that prompted me to eat more and more naan so I could get more and more sauce) and the palak paneer (which I didn’t think would be my favorite, but it was so creamy I could not stop eating it. Some folks in our group thought the palak paneer could have used a bit more heat, but it’s safe to say the entire table was satisfied when we finished (and believe me, we finished it all). Our plates were wiped clean (with the help of lots of rice and naan).

Bombay Talkie was a bit pricier than your typical Indian place (we ended up spending about $40 a person with food and drinks) but if you are looking for spicy, tasty, authentic Indian food the next time you’re in New York, Bombay Talkie is a must go.

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score: 8.5
spending: $$$
neighborhood: chelsea, new york
cuisine: indian
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