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Pio Pio means “cheep cheep” (or “chirp chirp,” like the sound a chicken makes) in Spanish. How adorable is that? I’ve been to Pio Pio, a Peruvian restaurant in Dilworth, twice now (once for lunch and once for dinner), and can sum it up for you: You HAVE to get the chicken.

Pio Pio is a Peruvian/Latin American restaurant in Dilworth that serves the best rotisserie chicken I have ever tasted. It is nestled in a strip mall with the likes of Outback and a pet supplies store, but don’t let that deter you. These people know what they are doing.

My first time at Pio Pio was with a group of girlfriends for dinner.  The restaurant is low-key; it’s dark and casual. We arrived, and one of the waiters gestured to us to pick our own table. That night, there was some traffic, but not a whole lot of other customers, and we ended up shutting the place down (we got carried away with conversation over sangria, a concoction that is amazing). I had been instructed, per the fabulous Ms. S, to order the #1, which is one-quarter chicken, rice, beans, and a side (ripe plantains, tostones, and some other choices). This is exactly what everyone should order their first time at Pio Pio. The rotisserie chicken is delightful; it is deliciously roasted and has been caressed with the perfect amount of herbs and spices so the skin is succulent. The meat is juicy, and the skin has just the right amount of crisp and crunch (I am promptly drooling thinking about it). I am a dark meat kinda girl, and the dark meat fell right off the bone with little effort. I even enjoyed my white meat, which is a stretch for me (I often find white meat to be dry).


And the chicken isn’t the only thing to write home about. The rice and beans are spectacular. A lot of restaurants mail in these traditional sides, but not Pio Pio. The rice came out piping hot, and was well seasoned with saffron. The soupy red beans are yummy– they have a thick, creamy, juicy consistency, with delicious chunks and spicy note throughout. Our meal also came with these delectable side sauces: one white (garlicky goodness) and one green (spicy!), and they are a great addition to the chicken and beans. The green has this lovely slow burn, and the garlic is a bit more mild, but still packs the flavor. As a tip, not only are the sauces great on top of your chicken and blended into your beans, but they are great for dipping your plantains and tostones.

And let’s talk about the plantains and tostones. I love that Pio Pio has very traditional sides, and that they do them very well. The ripe plantains are sweet and juicy, with crispy, caramel colored edges, and almost melt in your mouth. The tostones (or fried plantain slices) are hot and crunchy; and both will leave you satisfied.

My second trip to Pio Pio was over the lunch hour, so unfortunately, no wine or sangria was involved. I decided to go with the salad with chicken (of course) for a lighter option, based on some reviews I read on Yelp and Urban Spoon (I also got a side of to stones: I could not resist!). Wow! The salad is just as amazing as the chicken!


Pio Pio must be all about quality, because what I ordered large salad, chock full of fresh chicken and what must have been a whole, fresh avocado. It was splendid, and really hit the spot. The salad ingredients were fresh; the lettuce was good quality, and the avocado was ripe (in the perfect way where your knife slides right through). The salad dressing is a creamy, garlicky, tangy mixture, and paired perfectly with my chicken and avocado. And my tostones were again fresh and crispy.


I like Pio Pio because it is authentic, friendly and  casual. The food definitely reflects their Latin American roots, and it is a great spot to really take your time and enjoy your meal over a glass of sangria. From someone who doesn’t order chicken much when eating out: Get the chicken!

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score: 8
spending: $$

cuisine: peruvian, latin american

neighborhood: dilworth (and a ballantyne location too!)

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  1. Kiri says

    Oh my goodness. I’m moving to Charlotte in a week, and I thought I was as excited as I could be until I found your blog! Every review you’ve written thus far has my mouth watering and I’m now EVEN MORE excited to make this move. I am also a Bloody Mary enthusiast and share your opinion on the snacks that come as a garnish – bring ’em on! I look forward to reading more, and getting a chance to try some of the places you’re writing about!

  2. says


    Thanks so much for the comment! I’m glad that you are enjoying the blog so far.

    When I first moved to Charlotte, I wasn’t sure what the restaurant scene was like, but you should definitely look forward to trying some really cool and delicious places in Charlotte!

    Good luck with your move, and definitely let me know if (and when) you find good Bloodys in Charlotte!

  3. van pham says

    I have been wanting to try this place. I think I am going to have to go get the living social or half off deal and try the Ballantyne location .

    • says


      Thanks for reading! You should definitely try Pio Pio, it’s worth it. I know that the Ballantyne location is under new management (its reviews on Yelp are not as high as the one in Dilworth). It’s probably worth it to try to score a Groupon or Living Social Deal, but totally affordable (and also worth it) without one!


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