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Happy Friday!

As a new blogger, I really enjoy having the creative license to write what I want, when I want, about what I want. Basically, I do what I want. With that freedom, I’ve decided to use Fridays as a time to gear up for the weekend (via the blogosphere) and share with you what I’m calling my Friday Faves. Friday Faves is about my five favorite things (restaurants, places, activities, food, products) that you can find in the Charlotte area.

So to kick off Friday Faves, I picked a theme for this week. This week I was lucky enough to help a fellow attorney on a jury trial (lucky doesn’t even begin to describe it, it was a tremendous opportunity and learning and growing experience for me as a new attorney). But let me tell you, jury trials are exhausting. Draining. So after a long week of working hard (and not hardly working) I felt this week’s “theme” was appropriate.

So today’s Friday Faves, brought to you by “treat yo self.”

1. Happy Hour @ Dilworth Neighborhood Grille.

Happy Hour is the best way to end a long week. I love hh-ing it up at Dilworth because it’s close and convenient to work, it has a great space (plenty of room at the bar, on the patio, or if it is crowded, they serve the happy hour menu in the dining room) and it is CHEAP. I mean like so cheap, that I can have two beers and a meal (pizza is a meal) for a grand total of $8. Dilworth just revamped their happy hour menu (adding buffalo bites and cheese fries among other things, and removing, much to my dismay, pepperoni rolls) but they still serve their standby pizza by the slice for $1.50 running until 7pm. And according to Twitter, they have half price bottles of wine running all month long. If a half price bottle of wine is not a treat yo self moment, I’m not sure what is.

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2. Iced Vanilla Latte @ Central Coffee.

When I first started college, I really hated coffee. The first steps in overcoming my coffee aversion was to add a lot of cream and sugar to basically eliminate the coffee taste. Over the years, I have become an absolute coffee addict. I need a cup (like lots of people) every morning in order to function properly and act normal. Now, I usually skip the sugar, and prefer my coffee with just a hint of cream (which is how I make it most mornings). But when I’m running a bit late or feel a treat yo self moment coming on, I swing by Central Coffee on my way into the office (or meander down there on lazy Saturdays or Sundays) and get a sweet (or not so sweet) treat (it depends on my mood). Lately, iced vanilla lattes have been my jam and really hit the spot.


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3. All Levels Flow Class @ Yoga One.

I was a competitive swimmer most of my life (through my senior year of college). After college, I needed a break from the pool, but quickly learned I couldn’t just not exercise (I learned the hard way when my pants started not fitting). After a brief flirtation with running (which I really didn’t like) I discovered yoga in law school. Yoga is much more than stretching; it requires strength and concentration. And can be incredibly empowering and relaxing ( Yoga was a life saver for me when I was studying for the bar exam). When I moved to Charlotte, I desperately needed to find my yoga home. I found what I was looking for at Yoga One, and enjoy treating myself to 3 or 4 flow classes a week. If you’re looking for something to get your heart rate up, make you sweat a lot, and is challenging and fun, check out a class at Yoga One (their classes are for all levels, and they offer $5 karma classes on weekend afternoons).

4. Brunch @ Bistro La Bon.

We’ve talked about how I love brunch. My favorite brunch spot in Charlotte (so far, there’s much more to explore) is Bistro La Bon. On Sundays, Bistro La Bon offers a smorgasbord of sorts (it’s an all you can eat situation, jazzed up a bit) for $18. While that sounds a bit pricey, it is worth it, and I encourage you to run, not walk, to Bistro La Bon on Sunday. There are all kinds of dishes offered: grits, salmon, salads, fruit, potatoes, tarts, biscuits, and more. You also can order chocolate waffles, brioche french toast, eggs and bacon to your table family style (and those orders are unlimited). Plus affordable mimosas and Bloody Marys. The last time I went, we were there for 3 hours, and I promptly went into an extended food coma after getting home. Trust me, it’s well worth the $18 for a treat yo self moment.

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5. Soaking up the Sunshine.


(the Pheebs has the right idea).

I promise this is not a cop out. As I mentioned, Friday Faves can include activities, and soaking up all the wonderful sunshine Charlotte has to offer is an excellent treat yo self moment for the weekend. Charlotte has so many great outdoor spaces and places, and after being cooped up in the office all week, I love putting on short sleeves and sunglasses and stepping outside. Top of my list for this weekend include: dusting off my bike and going for a ride on the Greenway, laying out by the pool (yet another southern perk, living in a place where you can have an outdoor pool in your building and actually use it) with a good book, a few drinks with friends at some Plaza Midwood patios: Common Market and Whiskey Warehouse, and enjoying a cup of tea or a glass of wine on my balcony (complete with a nice view of Uptown). I hope I can squeeze it all in!

Cheers to the freakin’ weekend!


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